What is a Deep Cut Music

What is a Deep Cut Music? Hidden Gems of the Music Industry!

If you are a music lover you must have come across the term ‘deep cut music’. This term is present in almost all music sites and apps.

So you might wonder, what is a deep cut music?

The less popular and unknown music of an artist is usually known as deep-cut music. But to identify the deep cut music you have to be cautious. There are certain criteria for deep-cut music. To be deep cut music it must be less known. Then it shouldn’t be performed before a live audience. Only the real fans of the artist will know the deep-cut music.

This is only the gist of deep-cut music and its definition. But there’s more! Keep scrolling to know every detail of this type of music.

Let’s jump to the explanation-

How to Identify Deep Cut Music? 

Deep cut music is a type of music that’s not very known to general listeners. Only the true fans and followers of the musician will be able to identify the deep-cut music. So the most important feature of deep-cut music is to be less known.  

We all know that people like Billie Eilish. Suppose, suddenly an old single track of Billie Eilish is rediscovered. The track was not a hit and was not published in an album. Only the true fans recognize the music and admire it. Then it can be regarded as the deep-cut music of Billie Eilish.

Artists publish their music in the form of albums. In previous times, music was released through the radio. But some of the music was not published on the radio. That specific music wasn’t considered for becoming a sure-shot hit. Rather it was kept aside and later the fans discovered them. This type of music is generally classified as deep cut music. 

Deep-cut music can not be any music that has been performed live multiple times. It must be foreign to the public. Only after satisfying all these conditions, can the music be called deep-cut music.

How Did the Term “Deep Cut Music” Come?

Though deep-cut music was not played on the radio, the term itself originated from the radio stations. 

The radio operators used to play songs and music on the radio. They are known as Radio Jockey or RJ in the modern music industry. They used to use the term deep cut while playing any music gang is not a hit. The term deep-cut music signaled that the music didn’t have the privilege to broadcast on radio.

There are also mechanical reasons for using the word “deep” in the term deep-cut music.  Previously, phonograph disks were used for playing music. They were made of vinyl. The disks had grooves or cuts on their surface. Music was stored in the form of signals in the groove.

The most popular and famous music was placed at the first position. As a result, the less popular ones were automatically placed in deep grooves. From this, the term deep-cut originated.

What are the Characteristics of Deep Cut Music? 

Deep cut music is less popular, but it’s not hated music. Deep-cut music also doesn’t refer to music that’s dead. If you think metal is dead, so all metal music is now deep cut, you’re misunderstanding. 

We’ve discussed some common traits of deep-cut music below for your better understanding. This will help you to identify dep-cut music in the future-

  • The music is brilliant but unknown to the general fans.
  • The music is buried in the huge catalog of an artist with a long career.
  • Any music from an album that has not been published as a single can be called Deep-cut.
  • The deep-cut music is never performed live. Even if it is performed, the number of performances is very low.
  • The music was not a hit at the time of publishing. 
  • The music doesn’t go with normal or commercial playlists.
  • Only loyal and committed fans will know deep-cut music.
  • Any music of an artist that’s not played live or broadcasted often as it used to be before. 

These are the common traits that are found in deep-cut music. Look for these elements in a song to see whether it is deep-cut music or not. 

What are Some Examples of Deep Cuts & How to Find Them? 

All the popular singers and artists have their deep-cut music. We have discussed some deep-cut music of some popular artists and musical bands. Check them out to clear your views on deep-cut music.

You must be familiar with the musical works of Coldplay. Some famous songs are Yellow, The Scientist, Clocks, etc. Now, look at some of their deep-cut music that you might have missed!

See You Soon 

This song is a simple acoustic track about friendship and love from the album ‘The Blue Room (EP)’. It’s hard not to sing along to the chorus. This song was not recognized at the time of release. But later it became a deep cut.

Glass of Water

This is another great song. Glass of Water is an upbeat song. The lyrics are much more miserable than they sound. The chorus is also catchy. But the tempo of the guitar is misleading to the lyrics. 

Linkin Park is a very popular band all across the globe. They have given us popular music like Numb, In the End, What I’ve Done, etc. They too have some deep-cut music!

My December 

This is one of the early Linkin Park tracks which made us fall in love with them. My December was a bonus track on their debut album Hybrid Theory. This song gives the feeling of loneliness during the holiday season.

The Messenger

Chester Bennington’s voice delivers raw emotion in this song. He put his soul into this song. The Messenger is truly a magical song. This song is like a treat to the Linkin Park fans.

We have some suggestions for music players for you-

Use these players to listen to the deep-cut music of your favorite artists!

Many other deep-cut kinds of music are available in the 100 best deep-cut songs by Billboard. Also, you can check out the composition list of the artists. There you will find some songs which are unknown to you. 

In the era of the internet, it is very easy to find all the works of an artist. Nowadays the artists have their websites and channels with all their music. So don’t waste any more time and discover the deep cuts now!

Why Should You Listen to Deep Cut Music? 

Deep cut music will enable you to discover your favorite artist in a new light. Deep cuts are like fresh air in a locked room. As a true fan, you should get in touch with the deep-cut music of your favorite artists.

You must have listened to your favorite songs innumerable times. But most of them are the popular ones. When you listen to deep-cut music, you get to experience a new side of the musician. The feelings and thoughts of the musician reflect on their music. The deep cuts will bring you closer to your beloved musician.

Every musician evolves with time. There are distinctions in their music at various times. Listening to deep-cut music is the best way to feel the journey of the artists.


What are deep cuts on Apple music?

In Apple, deep cuts show the lesser-known music of the artists. Usually, they show music from artists that you like. They also show less popular songs of artists from your iTunes playlist.

Is the term deep cut used in music only?

No, deep cuts are also in other media sections. Though deep cut originated to classify lesser-known songs, now it is used in other platforms too. A deep cut is also used to represent pieces of trivia.

What are deep cuts on Pandora?

Pandora keeps track of the songs that you play on your station. In deep cuts, they suggest songs of the artists that you have in your station. You can control this suggestion by giving thumbs up and thumbs down.


That’s all for today. We hope you know what is a deep cut music. We have tried our best to give you a complete idea. Now start finding your favorite artists’ deep cuts and enjoy them! 

Feel free to comment below if you have any other queries. Till then, happy listening!

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