acquisition announcement picture Now Taken Over By, an entity maintained by the Irish band Le Galaxie, has now been acquired by The company published this announcement on 24 August 2021 through its website. 

This acquisition means Hzgadgets will be taking over all the maintenance work for the website by using all of its web properties as part of its new branding initiatives. And thus solving problems, making better purchases, and making it easier for music enthusiasts.

Behind The Band: Le Galaxie

The four talented musicians David McGloughlin, Anthony Hyland, Michael Pope, and Alastar Hyggins had gathered and formed this Irish Band in 2008. All of them were members of the alternative rock band 66e.

Another member, Maykay, from the band Fight Like Apes, joined Le Galaxie in 2017. However, by the end of December 2019, Le Galaxie had announced their disbanding with a low-key tweet, and a clip of a 2012 performance.

The Hzgadgets Takeover

Music has always had soaring enthusiasm. And with that in mind, Hzgadgets was created to change the perception of music through the website. This website will guide music enthusiasts with technological fixes and suggestions, concerns regarding audiophiles, to musicians exploring their talents.

HzGadgets want the best for our musicians, that’s why its team with high research skills has crafted and carefully curated the contents. They meticulously construct each article to meet the precise needs of a target audience. However, they seek advice from professionals, as well as employ affiliate programs to fund their initiative.

It falls in line with the heartfelt intentions of Le Galaxie. Because it can be said that, Le Galaxie felt the struggles of musicians through their own experience. And anything that helps in favor of music, is highly supported by Le Galaxie.

The Next Step For Hzgadgets And Le Galaxie

Hzgadgets currently owns all digital properties and rights under the online property and site. With the assistance of industry experts, Hzgadgets intends to continue developing excellent content on the Internet. 

In fact, as mentioned before, this is the bigger part of the new branding initiative that HzGadgets is aiming towards. And this is only the beginning, from here on the quality is only projected towards growth and betterment. 

The hardworking team behind the whole project wishes to benefit two categories of music lovers. People who are trying to improve and develop their creative skills and people who are looking to improve their listening experiences. 

The contents will cover topics from speakers, headphones recommendations for listeners, to music production error fixing tutorials. And from here on, this web platform will be slowly integrated into the branding ecosystem of Hzgadgets.

Thus we think the concept and growth have been spectacular. We’ve introduced a new reliable space for many. Hope to see you in the future with improved and more promising content.

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