How to Find Producers on SoundCloud

How to Find Producers on SoundCloud: Quick Talent Hunt

You wanna make music but can’t find sounds you like. So what do you do? You go online and look for sounds and producers to work with. Soundcloud is an amazing place to do just that.

The question, now, is how to find producers on SoundCloud?

There’s no easy way to do that. If you want to find independent producers on SoundCloud you’ll have to put in the effort. Search whatever genre of music you wish to create. From there you can navigate through the giant pool of independent artists and producers.

In short, that covers finding producers on SoundCloud. But we suggest you keep reading since we’ll cover more than that simple answer. 

Let’s dive right in – 

Why Soundcloud? 

It’s simple. You get a lot of artists to choose from. Soundcloud has a huge collection of music and a vast number of producers. Primarily because uploading to SoundCloud is initially free. You’ll be able to upload up to 3 hours of music without paying anything.

This means that a large number of producers who are just starting will be here. Which will provide you with a large pool to choose from. 

You can sift through the seemingly endless number of entries to pick a truly unique sound. Which is a good way of keeping your song distinguishable. And also steer clear of hate such as people’s unwarranted hate for pop

Whether you’re looking for a songwriter or a sound engineer, you’ll find them here. 

SoundCloud is a hub for producers of all kinds. The differences between the producers are not straightforward. To add to that, SoundCloud does not label the artists as per their roles. You’ll have to read their bios to figure out what their role in the production is. 

Regardless of this seeming drawback, SoundCloud is still one of the best options. Solely because of the sheer vastness of its collection of both content and artists.

How to Find Producers on SoundCloud?

With the ‘why’ out of the way, let’s get to the how. There are a lot of producers on SoundCloud and you can find them following our tips. You can go about it in one of two ways. 

Using Your Favorite Songs

If you’re just starting out and aren’t sure what genre you’d fit into, try this. Just look up songs you like in the SoundCloud search bar. You’ll get several remixes and renditions of those songs by independent artists.

Some versions of the song may feel like entirely different songs. The differences might even be as pronounced as those between death and thrash metal.

Select a track and press the three dots if you’re on a mobile device. From there scroll down to the “Behind this Track” option. That’ll show you the artists that made the track.

On the website, you’ll see the artist along with the track. You can click on the artist’s name and go to their profile directly. Once in their profiles, you can click on the three dots and select “artist info”. Under “artist info” you’ll find all possible ways of contacting said producer.

Using Hashtags

Using hashtags is another way you can find producers on SoundCloud. 

Hashtag Producers

First type #producers or #independent producers in the search box. Now, slide over to the people tab. And there you’ll get several profiles.

All you need to do now is go into their profiles. Once there you can listen to the tracks they’ve produced. After listening to the tracks you can decide on which producer to reach out to.

Hashtag Genre

This is similar to using the producer tags. The difference is that this time you’ll be getting genre-specific artists. All the other steps are the same. Head on over to the people tab. You’ll get a list of producers. 

You can listen to their tracks and reach out to them if you choose to. 

One thing you’ll need to do to find a producer is listen to artists’ works. You’ll be combing through a lot of music. Having a decent pair of headphones will help you clearly understand and judge everything you hear. 

Here are a few pairs of headphones that we would suggest to anyone with a sophisticated audio taste. 

Any one of these headphones is sure to make everything you listen to much clearer. These quality devices reproduce every tune just the way it’s supposed to be.

What are SoundCloud Alternatives?

SoundCloud provides you with a vast amount of content. Since it’s free to upload a lot of artists choose to upload here. But, if you’re looking for more vetted producers you do have alternatives.

Spotting Producers on Spotify 

The library isn’t as vast on account of the costs associated. However, there’s still a sizable pool. What makes it a little easier to use is the way the app labels everything. 

You can look up songs you like, click on the three dots, and scroll down. Navigate to “Show Credits” and click on it. You’ll get to see who produced the song. Search the producer this time and see if you like their other work. 

If you do like what they produce you can click on their profile. For most artists, a complete list of all social media handles will be present. You can reach out to them through one of the provided social media links. 

Finding Producers on Apple Music

Looking for producers on apple music is similar to doing it on Spotify. Look up songs you like. Select behind the songs from the three dots. And you’ll get all the details on everyone associated with the creation of the track. 

Exploring Tiktok for Producers

Tiktok is another good option for you if you’re looking for a music producer. The search process is the same as SoundCloud’s. All you need to do is type in #musicproducer in the search bar. And you’ll find a bunch of videos from different creators. 

Just make sure to check the creator’s profile properly. Tiktok is famous for short comedy skits and videos of people acting out to music. So make sure that the audio is original and the creator is a music producer. 

Once that’s certain you can directly message the content creator on TikTok. 

Neither Apple Music nor Spotify will provide as large a pool of independent producers as SoundCloud. But if you want to look for experienced producers, these might be good alternatives.

That covers everything on finding producers. 


Can producers make it on SoundCloud?

They can if they are persistent. Soundcloud is an amazing platform for all artists. The social media-like aspect of SoundCloud helps artists get in touch with the community. They can use the feedback to improve their work, and even promote through reposting tracks. So, if producers stay consistent they can succeed on SoundCloud.

Is SoundCloud still relevant?

Yes, it is. Each year an increasing number of songs are uploaded to the site. This points to the growing popularity of SoundCloud. Despite the company partnering with the industry to make profits, it’s still attractive to independent producers. 

Does SoundCloud have a paid subscription?

Yes. Soundcloud has a paid subscription. The platform provides an option for offline listening called Soundcloud Go. For creators, there’s an option of purchasing an unlimited pro plan. Purchasing this plan will allow creators to upload more than 3 hours of music. 


How to find producers on SoundCloud? You’ll have to be persistent and look for a while. There’s a vast library of independent and professional producers on SoundCloud. 

You can find them by following the pointers we’ve provided. We hope you can find a producer of your liking following these. And create songs to bless everyone’s ears. 

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